The Lonely Goalpost

Beautiful Game! Beautiful Memories

What do you think when you see a goalpost?

There is something quite magical about a lonely goalpost standing proudly in a deserted football field. Or even chalked on a wall or created with two spare jumpers. When I glance at a goal I usually fondly recall my time playing the beautiful game. During this time over thirty years can flash into that ten seconds daydream.

The memories are varied, it could be my ten year old self trying to toe punt the ball as hard as I can towards the giant rectangle. It could be the field I used to watch my best friends Dad’s team play. Here we would sneak on at half time to kick the ball in REAL nets in a REAL goal. This was the stuff of dreams.

What about that time you went to your first ever professional match? What about the time you met your first ever footballing hero? What about when autographs were more personal and cherished than selfies?

Playing football creates friendships for life and It could be walking down the cobbled streets of Leeds with ten strangers and a football to hand during my first week at university. Football is the common denominator some twenty years later for us all. Constant banter and heated discussion dominate our get togethers. Football allows opportunities to socialize and I can certainly remember my first time watching football in the pub during World Cup 86.

I am not saying when I look at a goalpost my life flashes before my eyes with every single football memory. But I can state with assured confidence that any prominent life memory can be associated with my time with football. I can chart my life through football and can remember where I was during various football moments in my life.

Looking at goalposts make me think about those out there that may have the same thoughts and feelings about their football journey. Football means so much to so many people, especially to the everyday man or woman on the street. Grass roots football is what puts the ’beautiful’ into ‘the beautiful game.’ Therefore The Lonely Goalpost idea was born.


The Lonely Goalpost will…

Stimulate discussion about all things football. Whether it’s about the modern day millions; the greatest goal of all time or what are the best half time oranges? I will share my thoughts on a number of football topics and provide my unique viewpoint that may veer off on a nostalgic tangent.

A key element is that I want to meet as many people as possible and talk football. I want to sit down with them and discuss their memories and what football means to them? It will provide a scintillating stimulus for some fantastic footy chat from a variety of people of any age or gender. We will chat and I will write the article. It will be the voice of the fans.

I would like the discussion to be varied and it does not matter whether you love it or hate football. I’m sure there will be some intriguing tales explaining why some people detest football. I am excited about meeting a variety of people. You never know it may attract some professional footballers out there to share a story or two. Football certainly is a conversation starter.

There will be some laughter; some tears and some fascinating memories discussed. Everyone has a story to tell and after all football is the game for the people. You never know, people may go back to their very first Lonely Goalpost!

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